Secure Your Boat for the Winter

Secure Your Boat for the Winter

We provide boat winterization services in Absecon, and Atlantic City NJ

Whether you're new to the area or you've lived here for years, you know that the winter months in and around Absecon, and Atlantic City NJ are no time for pleasure boating. With boat winterization services from JJ Boat Works, you won't need to worry about your boat when it's not in use. Our boat specialists will make sure your vessel is secured and protected during the off season.

Contact us now to schedule boat winterization services. Come spring, you'll be glad that you took this important step in preventive maintenance.

Make sure your boat is safe for long-term storage

If you're wondering what to do with your boat when the boating season ends, JJ Boat Works has the answer.

We can keep your vessel safe and sound at our storage facility in Absecon ,and Atlantic City NJ for as long as you like. Our comprehensive boat storage package includes:

  • Individual storage
  • Haul out services
  • Power out services

Call today to find out more about our boat storage packages.